Your seminar on the Bassin

Famous for its Dune du Pyla, its oyster farming villages, its oysters and its beaches, the Bassin d’Arcachon is a unique ecosystem in Europe. Among its essentials:

  • The Pyla dune: The highest dune in Europe (109 m), the dune offers a breathtaking panorama accross both the peninsula and the pine tree forest. More than 6,800 classified hectares and strong protection at the national level which allows the dune to be preserved in its natural state.
  • The Winter City, La “Ville d’Hiver”: Arcachon is divided into 4 cities representing the 4 seasons: The “cities of” summer, autumn, spring and especially the famous “winter city”. Designed by the Pereire brothers 150 years ago, the “Ville d’hiver” will reveal to you the most beautiful villas in Arcachon in a charming maze of winding streets.
  • The bird island, “L’Ile aux Oiseaux”: Located in the middle of the basin, this small wild paradise of 3 square kms, shelters the famous tchanquées huts representing in Gascon the traditional stilts of the shepherds. A getaway at sea will allow you to admire these fifty-three wooden cabins on the island up close.
  • The oyster huts: These typical huts of the region are a must see on the Bassin d’Arcachon. A real working tool for oyster farmers, they now also offer tastings as local as it gets, for oyster lovers.
  • Le Cap Ferret: From the Moulleau pier (150 meters from the hotel), embark for Cap Ferret, its oyster farming village and its lighthouse Classified as Historic Monuments from where you can enjoy an exceptional panorama over the entire peninsula